Saturday, April 6, 2019

Hanalei Bay Wedding in the Rain is still wonderful!

After enjoying a week on Maui for my birthday (watching whales from our lanai... it was spectacular!), I returned home to find this lovely email from Diana and Scott, who were married on Kauai...

Dear Larry,
We’ve been meaning to write to express our heartfelt thanks for the wonderful wedding ceremony you performed for us at Hanalei Bay on March 6! We so appreciated how present you were to us and to our union. Both of us felt centered and spiritual and the ceremony was everything we could have hoped for.... it was perfectly imperfect!
Thank you for the memories of turning out to the ocean to lock that picture in the back of our minds....
We will use that image....when the seas get rough....
Thank you Larry,

Hanalei Bay Wedding, Larry LaSota, Kauai Wedding Ceremonies

And THAT is why I have the best job in the world!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Triple Vow Renewal at Smith's Fern Grotto Wedding with Larry LaSota Kauai Minister

Now this is a good one.
Ah yes, the challenge of the moment. A triple header vow renewal ceremony at the Fern Grotto. And... it was a surprise for all the wives. Lots of secret planning and phone calls from Scott to Andrea of the Fern Grotto.
Usually we all ride up the the Grotto un a specially decorated boat. Well, I had to go on an earlier boat the wives wouldn't get wise. They didn't decorate the wedding boat, also to keep the wives from getting suspicious.
Larry LaSota Kauai Vow Renewal Minister Fern Grotto
When everyone gets to the Fern Grotto deck, the beans are finally spilled the girls go wild. They loved the idea.
I always like to customize a vow renewal being sure to year right as well as other personal details. I love the tenderness of a vow renewal. 
Larry LaSota Kauai Vow Renewal Minister Fern Grotto
Well, I had to make a cheat sheet to keep the names of the three couples and the number of years they were married and three different last names. I show the couples my cheat sheet  and lined them up in order. 
Larry LaSota Kauai Vow Renewal Minister Fern Grotto
They were such lovely folks and we were able to talk story as we worked our way through it all.
A wonderfully emotional time was had by all. Great job Andrea. Who even did a hula on the boat ride up!

Larry LaSota Kauai Vow Renewal Minister Fern Grotto

Larry LaSota and Another Magic Fern Grotto Wedding

Meagan and Mike were ready for a great afternoon getting married Smith's Fern Grotto Wailua River Cruise. Then half way up the Wailua River this squall comes in and is blowing rain everywhere. We all got worried.

Larry LaSota Kauai Wedding Minister Fern Grotto Weddings

Well, we went to the Grotto with umbrellas in hand and what do you know, as son as Meagan was walking up the isle, the rain stopped and the sun came out. Yes! Someone was watching over.

Larry LaSota Kauai Wedding Ceremonies Fern Grotto

One of the MANY good things about the Fern Grotto is the good people you get to work with! The Boat Captains are the best. And I get to work with photographer Ron Kosen from Photo Spectrum often!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Smiths Tropical Paradise Garden Wedding with Larry LaSota

William and Fermin were married in September at Smith's Tropical Paradise in their magnificent gardens, along the Wailua River on Kauai.  After their ceremony, they asked me for a printed text of their vows to include in their wedding book.

Larry LaSota Kauai Minister at Smiths Tropical Garden

When I emailed them a copy of their wedding ceremony, I added the following:  "As you will tell by reading it, I am a lot off book.  I like to be spontaneous but to try to remain true to the intent. My hope is that you two had a truly emotional time."
Larry LaSota Kauai Minister at Smiths Tropical Garden
I have found that by letting the emotion of the couple guide some of the spontaneity of the ceremony, my words to them have an even greater effect.  We are all lifted up by the joy of the moment!

Larry LaSota Kauai Minister at Smiths Tropical Garden

A magnificent location!

Larry LaSota Kauai Minister at Smiths Tropical Garden

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Remember Your Rings and License!!

Ryan and Melissa Gardner had a nice intimate wedding at Tunnels Beach (before the April rains, of course) with their families present. Every family member said a little something about the couple and the accolades and amusing barbs flew! I got a great feel for this entire family. Ryan did all the planning and had it all flowing until it was time to sign the license, which unfortunately was back at their condo in Princeville!

Larry LaSota Kauai Wedding Minister at Tunnels

Well, two days later he and Melissa made a visit to my house to do the official signing and make their marriage legal. So as just a reminder to all (because this was not the first time this has happened by a long shot!): Before you leave for your wedding ceremony, double check that you have your rings and your license!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Larry LaSota was the officiant for this wedding at The Westin, Princeville

McKaylee & Tony at the Westin Princeville. Photographer is Belinda Montero, another one of my favorites, taking some great shots. Look at the beautiful view down the coast of Anini Beach towards the Kilauea Lighthouse. We have so many great wedding locations on Kauai!

Larry LaSota Kauai Wedding Officiant The Westin Princeville

St. Regis Big Smiles Couple and Gorgeous Hanging Orchids

Laura and Shannon at the St. Regis in Princeville - a real neat couple! I think they win the award for the best smiles ever. In every photo they just have these big beaming smiles What a great day!  Love love LOVE the hanging orchids!

Larry LaSota at St. Regis with same sex couple Kauai Weddings